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We are live!

Today Puzzle Room officially launched, and we are live on the Google Assistant!

Getting started is easy, just ask your Google Assistant to “talk to Puzzle Room”. We think the game is more fun if you use your voice to play via a
Google Home, but you can also access the Assistant via Android or iPhone. Just click these links or check out our help page for more information.

Only the tutorial is live at the moment, but we’re hard at work creating the next room so be sure to check back for updates or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.


  1. André Baldo

    Hello! First of all, I’d like to thank you for making Puzzle Room. As a blind person, I can tell you that narrated escape rooms are the only possible options for us to play this genre of game. Unless, of course, we have sighted assistance. I am stuck on the garage after escaping the jungle and would like to know if there are possible built-in hints inside the game for clumsy players such as myself. Lol. Another thing: is your Facebook page down? I would use Messenger to thank you vocally, since as you all said in this website, voices give people a better feeling of what you would like to say/hear/do. Keep up the good work!

  2. derek

    Hello Andre, thank you very much for your comment. I’m thrilled to hear you’ve been enjoying the game. You’ve done well to get out of the jungle, a particularly challenging ‘room’.

    There are no hints built into the game, but I can provide a couple of prompts here. Firstly, have you managed to get into the cupboard? If not, explore the contents of the cardboard box more closely.

    If you’ve seen inside the cupboard you should have found a tool of some sort. Think about what you might be able to break with it.

    If you’re still stuck, post back here or send me a message at the link below and I can provide another hint.

    In terms of Facebook, the page is live but quite out of date. If you’d like to share a post there or send it to friends that would be great! I’ll make a few posts this week to update the content there.

    Thank you, and happy puzzling!

    • André Baldo

      Thanks for the quick response, Derek. I tried to get the screws, but they cannot be picked up. However, strangely, the game said I have escaped the garage today without the need to complete the puzzle. Oh well, computers are like the human being: You don’t need to understand them. Trying to love them is enough, lol. However, if I get to play the puzzle again, I will try to work that one out. The other puzzles, even the 2 with the codes, were easy, but fun!
      About Facebook, could you check the link at the bottom of this page? It is giving me a “Page not found” message.

      Thanks again and good puzzle building!

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